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Technical Writing Service

We write your IT Operations Manual

We write your IT Operations Manual in English or German.

Your Situation

You do need an Operations Manual. Although our Template for an Operations Manual enables you to do it yourself, fast and efficient, you don't have even that time.

Our Vision

Our vision is a systems handbook which not only satisfies every auditor, but is also a major help for your daily and non-daily operations. Our consultants have in addition to experience in application support also excellent writing skills ("Technical Writer") in English and German and are able to compile a systems handbook...
  • by providing application support we learn how the system works and fill step by step our Handbook-Template
  • by "Knowledge Engineering" - Reading available information and interviewing your application support staff

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to create and deliver your Operations Manual without consuming much of your time.

How we will achieve this:

The Challenge
Our Approach
Save your time We come prepared to meetings - we carefully study all information you provided us in advance carefully.
Save time of your staff / experts We don't ask to draw pictures and describe - we have a good guess, draw the pictures and offer descriptions. Your experts just need to select the appropriate statements or add some corrections.
Hunt (research) the missing information If the required information cannot be found in any existing documents - we don't hesitate to study the design- and development documentation - and your technical staff does not know them, then we will search for it.

If you want then we search e.g. for configuration information in config files and database tables - we are experienced conducting "hands on" searches.

Application Interfaces The main application processes are often well documented in the vendor's manual, but the interfaces with other applications are the real challenge.

But you can be sure that we do know how to document the borderline ("Handover Point") between the teams operating the interfacing applications! - Check our Documentation Template for Application Interfaces !

(If you contract us to write your Operations Manual, then you don't need to buy this template - we will use it to increase our efficiency. If you already purchased this document and contract us, then we will discount the price you already paid for the document.)

The life cycle Most changes in the application or on in interfacing applications require an update of the Operations Manual.

For the case that the check item "Operations Manual updated?" is not already on your "checklist for release to production", then we will motivate you and support you with arguments that it gets added there.

We are different and we work different

We love graphics and tables Graphics visualizing the data flow through different system processes and interfaces build the core of the handbook. Factual information for all the items in the graphic are presented in tabular form. Free text is just used for explanations and background information.
The Delivery Just sending the text file is the most simple and most common delivery, but unfortunately storing the file on a shared place (filesystem, your intranet, your document management system) is too often the last activity of this file. Never accessed again. Often such forgotten, that the operations manual is not even known to new staff or staff filling in during vacation.

Our preferred "Handover" is to conduct together with the Operations Manager and the application support team a "Production Review for Application <x>" Meeting. - Perhaps such review meetings are already conducted quarterly or yearly. In many points of those meetings questions like:

  • "Where is this documented?",
  • "To whom is this task assigned?"
should be asked - and answered by showing the related section in the Operations Handbook.

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