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Seminar: The IT Operations Manual

This seminar is based on our top-selling "Template for an Operations Manual"


All auditing standards require an Operations Manual, and everyone knows that. But the opinions about the content are very different.
This seminar explains the background of each chapter and why this chapter is important. For each chapter our trainers will provide examples from real-world experience.


Project Managers and Development Managers will understand that the effort for a really usable operations manual is bigger than initially expected.
IT Production Managers will say "That's what I need and always wanted. And they will hear enough arguments and examples to enforce their wishes.
QA (Quality Assurance) Managers will understand that this document will prevent many incidents and problems and we are sure that they will include the review of this document in their QA procedures.
Technical Writers will learn a lot about the tasks, duties and problems of application management and IT Operations staff and therefore understand the importance of each part of the Operations Manual. This background information on top of our successful template will improve their efficiency in creating those important document.

Learning Objectives

  1. Get an overview of the broad list of topics which need to be covered
  2. Understand why the effort required to create this important document is higher than usually estimated
  3. Better estimation of the effort to create an comprehensive Operations Manual
  4. Understand that the standard operations manual of 3rd party software is - if not customized - not sufficient
  5. Understand why it is important to clearly specify in RFP's the content of the operations manual as otherwise only a subset might be delivered

Seminar Schedule

On request

Products related to this Service:

The seminar fee includes our Template Operations Manual / Operations Handbook
Customers who purchased this product in advance will get the purchase price discounted from the seminar fee.