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Template Systems Operations Manual Template Data Centre Operations Manual Data Migration Checklist Nonfunctional Requirements Interface (EAI) Checklist Server Upgrade / Migration Checklist Application Upgrade / Migration Checklist Application & Server Inventory Template Release Checklist Outage Planning Application Cloning Application Retirement Application Health check Archiving Requirements Disaster Recovery (DR) Technology Selection Maintaining & Running DR-Protected Systems Backup OLA / SLA Database OLA / SLA DBA Job Description Database Health Check Standby Database
Application SupportData MigrationOLA / SLA Operations Level AgreementSystem DocumentationProject ManagementDeploymentQuality AssuranceCompliance and StandardsDatabase Administration Non-FunctionalScalabilityRobustnessOperabilityDiagnosabiliyArchivingStart-up PhaseAchieving Operational ReadinessStabilized Operations

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